Thursday, June 18, 2009

And The Reality Sets In...

Yesterday was graduation, wow. MY graduation. Not my sisters, not 08's but the class of 2009 Pirate's graduation. I never really thought it would come. I mean, the signs were all around us, our senior shirts, senior sqaure, our parking spaces, me seeing "12" next to the results at XC and Track meets. But still I didn't think it would end. But it did. Good things come to an end at some point in life.

I'm not going to lie and say that my senior year was the best year at Whitney, cuz it wasn't. Balancing work school and friends at the same time was a bitch, and quite frankly I have to be honest with myself and couldn't handle it. I got a 3.3 both semesters, worst grades ever. People left me, but I don't blame them, I I'm a crappy friend, but I'm learning Anyways for the people that I did meet and those that stayed by me, a sincere thank you, not only for being my friend but for putting up with me, because I know I am not a very social and "cool" person. And to track and XC, I honestly could not have gotten through the year sane without being part of these amazing teams. I feel like the underclassmen like me more than people in my class, and they even may like me more than I like myself.

But in all honesty I'm going to miss the Class of 2009, for the diversity it had, for the people that taught me so many things about life, for all the class competitions, for all the classes, and for all the stress we've all been through to finish.

Now its time to think about college, the thing that Whitney supposedly prepares you for, we'll see now won't we?

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